You are stuck in a hamster wheel, spending all day on your computer posting the same things over and over again but it’s not growing your business.

You are on your phone interacting, hoping to boost your reach and engagement, instead of being present with at your kids soccer games.

Juggling all things social media leaves you feeling burned out and exhausted.

You’ve bought courses that promised you Pinterest success, so why does it still feel like a waste of time?

You log in to Pinterest and go through the motions:

Pin, pin, pin.

You think to yourself, “Why am I even doing this? Is it even doing anything for my business?”

Maybe you see an increase in your monthly viewers, maybe even an increase in your website traffic.

But is that converting into leads for your business?

You need to learn how to use Pinterest specifically to generate leads, not just visibility and page views.


Imagine growing your email list every week from Pinterest.

You wake to new leads on your email list and you’re SO excited because this is all happening without you even trying.

You have automated Pinterest and only have to spend an hour a week to reach your ideal client.

You have more time to focus on your clients, yourself, and your passions.

A client of mine, Rachel, was already using Pinterest for her business when we met. She was putting out boatloads of amazing content. I am talking about several podcasts AND blog posts a WEEK. A Pinterest DREAM!

Only it wasn’t doing ANYTHING for her business. It was only responsible for 4% of her website traffic.

After a consultation call and reviewing her account, I quickly found the source of the problem: she was severely lacking in SEO for her Pinterest account.

This meant that as a search engine Pinterest had nothing to pull her pins or account when people were searching for content like her!

After a week with me working on her account her website traffic from Pinterest soared from 4% to ALMOST 50%!

It’s YOUR turn.

I'm going to help you increase your visibility, drive website traffic, and gain quality leads without wasting money on ads or spending all day posting on social media. I am going to help you harness the power of Pinterest, an untapped market you've been missing.

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Student Testimonial: “I actually haven't changed anything on my site - same opt-in, same opt-in boxes. After just changing my profile and top 5 board descriptions, I'm getting double the number of subscribers each week. "


Four weeks and $497 will change how your market your business online!


Together, we will:

-Brand your Pinterest account to draw in the right pinners, your ideal audience   

-Make sure you are using all the right keywords in all the right places, so that your pins are showing up when your tribe is searching for ways to make their lives easier and more enjoyable

-Create pin images that stand out in the crowd and are irresistible, taking pinners away from Pinterest and to your website

-Create a freebie that converts that website traffic into raving fans and subscribers

-Automate Pinterest to save you time and give you the freedom from the social media rat race you are craving.


With (Actually) Profit from Pinterest you will:

Finally wrap your mind around what makes Pinterest work, you know it works - you see the results other people are getting but can’t understand what they are doing to get those results. It is more than keywords and pinning - there is strategy to using Pinterest to generate leads!

Finally understand how to use Pinterest for YOUR business and get the results you have been looking for.

Release the power to have targeted searching, even better than Google and without the investment into Google Adwords.

Have a plan of action to be prosperous instead of getting sucked in to pinning ALL THE THINGS when you should be marketing your business.

You see, Pinterest just CLICKS for me. I have helped dozens of business increase their brand visibility and website traffic using Pinterest.

Now it is YOUR turn, at a FRACTION of the cost of my $5,000 full service package, you get all the strategy for $497!


You see others getting amazing results and growing their business using Pinterest, you KNOW it works.

Maybe you’ve taken other courses and been left feeling frustrated…

This isn’t another course, this is 4 weeks with a Pinterest Strategist.

4 weeks where you have access to ME to help you make a plan for Pinterest for YOUR specific business.

We will have three 45 minute long LIVE Zoom trainings to work through each week’s content (valued at $1041)

During the calls you will have an opportunity for LIVE training!

You will also have access to 10 modules of training videos and workbooks on Teachable for LIFE (Value: $497)

This course is valued at $1538, join NOW to get it all for $497!


See what others have to say…

This shows the increase in website traffic for the dates above!

This shows the increase in website traffic for the dates above!


“I’ve actually gained one new subscriber to my list and I haven’t even finished completing the course!”

“After joining Pinterest for Profits, I am clear about what I need to do on Pinterest to really get the conversions I want. Even though I've only done a little bit of the recommended changes so far, I'm already seeing big measurable results! I haven't explored it yet, but I'm also looking forward to digging in to the resources about how to use tailwind better.”

“There is more power in Pinterest than you think and this course shows you how to harness it!”

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What all is included in the course?
With (Actually) Profit from Pinterest you get:

10 modules in Teachable with screen shared training videos and workbooks for your reference with lifetime access (Value: $497)

4 LIVE calls throughout the group training program (Value: $988)