Why I LOVE TailWind for Automating Pinterest

My VERY first Pinterest client taught ME about TailWind, my task was to keep her que loaded with pins from other's accounts.

I LOVED how EASY it was! I would search for recipes, since she was a food blogger, and schedule them in TailWind in minutes.

My loyalty to TailWind runs deeper than it being my first pin scheduler experience. 

Why do I recommend TailWind?

The BIGGEST reason is that TailWind is an approved marketing partner, so using TailWind to schedule pins is not against Pinterest's TOS. This is kinda a big deal y'all. You don't EVER want to get on the wrong side of a social media platform. Your business doesn't need that damange - can you imagine NOT being able to use Pinterest for your blog or business?! THAT'S a scary thought!!!

The other big reason I love TailWind is for Tribes. They are very similar to Pinterest Group boards and give you a great place to find fresh repins and get your content in front of people who want to share it and grow your audience. You can get great, fresh content scheduled to your account by using Tribes AND you can add your pins to these Tribes and grow your audience. It's all built into the TailWind website and super simple to use!

Don't you hate when you find an amazing pin and when you go to click through to the website it DOESN'T work?! UGH! I hate that!! This is another reason I love TailWind! It WON’T let me repin something without a source link - which means your account ALWAYS has pins that get users the content they are seeking instead of a dead link.

Finally, TailWind is super user friendly. I love the browser extension and how it makes scheduling my repins quick and easy. I can schedule a week's worth of pins in MINUTES.  I like to search for new content in batches and then just use the shuffle feature to mix it up!

I am planning a WHOLE post on the great features of TailWind, this is JUST the beginning!!

Do YOU use TailWind? If so, what do you love about it?

Jena Proctor