6 Reasons Why You need Pinterest For Business

Why Pinterest? Why do you need one MORE social media platform for your business?!

Here are 6 Reasons

Reason #1: Pinterest has a CRAZY amount of ACTIVE users, and it just keeps growing!



Why do I need ONE MORE social media account?!

You are already spending hours a week keeping up with Facebook, your blog, your email list, and Instagram.

Now you hear you need ONE more thing to do in your business….


Here’s why:

Pinterest has grown from 1 million active users in 2010 to over 150 million monthly active users at the start of 2017. In 7 years it has grown over 15,800%!!!

Reason #2:

Pinterest has a large number of active users…. SO what!!

I have a good following on Facebook and Instagram - I don’t need anything else!



Pinterest is responsible for 25% of website referral traffic.

Can YOU afford to miss out on that kind of traffic to YOUR website?

Pinterest continues to dominate the social media marketing world.

Reason #3:

A growing number of active users, 25% of website referral traffic.

What is holding you back from using Pinterest?!

You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many people think Pinterest “isn’t for them”.

They tell me it’s only for recipes and crafts.

Think again.

67% of Pinterest users are Gen-X, meaning they are just under 40. 

This population has more disposable income than most and they are using Pinterest to research how to spend their money.

You can use Pinterest to market YOUR products and services - FOR FREE.

Reason #4:

Pinterest is NOT Facebook or Instagram.

It is it’s own UNIQUE platform.

Pinterest users are engaged - ALWAYS.

Think about it… When you are on Pinterest, do you ever just hop on WITHOUT repinning something?

I am willing to bet that 99.9% of you CAN’T NOT repin when you are on Pinterest.

This is growing YOUR audience with each repin.

This is creating a buzz around YOUR content.

This is sending people to YOUR website.

Reason #5:


My mind is BLOWN.

Y’all KNOW I LOVE Pinterest.

BUT did you know that Pinterest can help increase your ranking with GOOGLE?!


Pinterest and Google are BFF.

Google LOVES fresh content, and since Pinterest boards and CONSTANTLY getting new content pinned to them, Google recognized that the content is fresh and as more people repins that content, Google picks up on it’s popularity.


Reason #6:

With 15,800growth in the number of active users in 7 yearsyielding 25% of website referral traffic, users READY to buy your products and services and CAN’T help but be engaged AND Pinterest will improve your Google ranking; Pinterest is a phenomenal marketing platform.

Do I have your attention yet?!






Pinterest is SO EASY to love.

It is EASY to navigate, users scroll and skim over all the graphics, repinning as they go.

It is EASY to find something specific, it is a search engine after all.

So how do you harness ALL this magical fairy dust for yourself?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Jena, a former school teacher turned Pinterest master who will help you reach a wider audience who falls in love with your content and are excited to buy what you have.


I'm going to help you: 

1. Drive more traffic to your site so that you continue to reach your audience and changes lives, whether that is with tips and advice, recipes, coaching, products, or services - what you do is important - people need to know about YOU!

2. Create more buzz around the content you create so that more people are talking about YOU!

3. Get the right people to notice you so that you are connecting with the people who need YOU!

This starts with having the right teacher, on the right social media platform, Pinterest.

Jena Proctor