Staying Strong in Times of Change

Friday I almost broke down.


I had been holding it all together and it Friday it started to crumble.


Times are exciting, but often times with changes comes stress also.

My family has a lot going on right now:

I just made a shift in my business and rebranded
My husband resigned from his state job and will be going out on his own
We are selling our house
Last week was the kids first week of summer
My husband is helping his dad flip a house

Things have been BUSY!

Keeping the house neat with a two year old, a four year old, and a dog is tough on any give day. Leaving at random times for people to come see the house only makes things more complicated - throw in working from home and it is almost comical.

Friday it all hit me. I am relaunching my business in the midst of this life craziness and needed a break.

So I took that evening and worked - only on my business.

It was refreshing and I felt ready to take on the week. Heck, I was so excited about the future of my business I could hardly sleep.

Let this be a reminder that you can get burned out - life can pile up and stress you out.

Take time for YOU.

Your family and business will be positively impacted by this seeminly selfish act.

Jena Proctor