Why Did you Establish a Brand?

Branding your business (or yourself as your business) is an important step in establishing your business.


You create (or hire someone) a beautiful website.

your brand and pinterest (1).png

You have beautiful graphics created to pull everything together - maybe even have a fun branded photo shoot.

Going deeper, you develop what your business stands for and maybe even against.

You create content to backup your brand and let people get to know you and what you are all about.


Blog posts.

Social media posts.

ALL that website copy.

You give birth to this beautiful creation and…

Then what?

You use the graphics and some content to post in Facebook groups?

Which you have to recreate every 45 minutes to continue being seen.

Set up an ad to grow your email list?

Which is competing with the other 5,000+++++ ads everyone is exposed to daily.

What is there was a better way?

A way to immerse your ideal client in YOUR brand instead of fighting for a moment in their busy and distracted social media feed?

You need to get them on YOUR website so they can learn more about YOU.

That is exactly what Pinterest will do FOR you.

Highly automated and no ad spend.

Getting your content on a platform where it lasts for months, even years.

Where your ideal client is already searching.

They are searching, you just need to show up.

Be sure to check out the video for some quick branding tips for Pinterest!

Jena Proctor