If you REALLY want to serve your audience, do this…

Your audience needs to hear you, you have an amazing message to share.

But if you REALLY want to serve them and serve them really well, you have to meet them where THEY ARE.

They have the desire to change and you can help them.

But you have to make it about THEM.

Meet them in their mess, right now.

If you are already feeling pulled in 100 directions I am SURE I just lost you.

But stay with me here…

That blog post you wrote 6 months about finding peace in managing your business and home - someone needs to read that TODAY as they are struggling.

But right now you are talking about creating content in bulk to free up more time.

That person who needs you can’t imagine creating content in bulk, although it would help SO much, because she’s barely keeping her head above water and needs to hear that she CAN make it through this season.

You KNOW what your audience needs, you’ve already written it or made a video about it.

But it sitting there not being found is not serving your audience at all.

It’s not about doing more, it’s about ALLOWING people to find YOU to help meet their needs RIGHT NOW.

Emmanuel - God with us.

The GREATEST gift ever was the one that met us where we were, covered in sin and shame on this earth. God sent His ONLY son to us.

What a beautiful act of love.

You can meet your audience where THEY are and serve their current needs with your content.

Doing this you will serve MORE people better and naturally grow your business.

If you are ready to take all that content and make it new again, where your audience can FIND it and you can meet them where they are - without adding anything to your to do list, let’s chat.

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Jena Proctor