Friday Five: How Easily to Increase Your Visibility Online

Inspired by Jenna Kutcher's podcast, I am creating my OWN Five Friday!

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Today's Five Friday is ALL about increasing your visibility online.

Here are my TOP 5 Tips for Getting Visible:


You know I had to do it, Pinterest is a QUICKLY growing platform where your content has a limitless shelf life.

Get your lovely content ON there!

2. Guest speaker/blogger/ guest opportunities

Seek out and accept guest expert opportunities, ask biz besties to come into their community and speak.

When you see a post asking for guest experts - JUMP ON IT!

Reaching beyond YOUR community and list will give you SO much visibility!

3. Be consistent

Don't post and ghost.
Email your list (NO MATTER THE SIZE) at least ONCE a week
You have to show up!

4. Give great Value

This was SO SO SO hard for me. Truth story. I thought I was going to "give it all away for free" and no one would want to work with me.

LIES. Build your audience's confidence in you and establish yourself as an expert by GIVING.

People will SEE how much you have to offer and want MORE!

5. Share your Story

Your services and products are amazing, but there are so many choices out there nowadays!

People will REMEMBER you and make a connection with YOU.

Your story matters, no matter what it is - share it with the world.

Which is your favorite tip?

Drop the number in the comments!

Jena Proctor