5 Ways to STOP Leaving Money on the Table in Your Business

My business is my passion, BUT it is also my sole source of income.

5 Ways to STOP Leaving Money on the Table in Your Business (1).png

I can't afford to leave money on the table, can you?

When there a gaps or holes in your marketing strategy, you lose potential clients aka money in your business.

Here are my top 5 ways you are doing exactly that!

Ways you are leaving money on the table

1. Not showcasing your freebie in your pin image
2. Not having your freebie on each blog post
3. Not increasing your visibility using TailWind Tribes or group boards
4. Not giving a call to action in your pin descriptions
5. Not repurposing content with new pin images

Pinterest is a powerful business marketing platform, but there are so many ways you can simply do it all WRONG, leaving holes for money to literally LEAK out of your business.

Make the above 5 changes and close those gaps in your marketing plan and STOP leaving money on the table!

Which is FIRST on your to do list?

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Jena Proctor