It's no secret that Pinterest is a powerful business tool.

Once you get Pinterest up and running, you need to have a few things set in place to really explode your business!

Don't let potential clients leave your website without inviting them to take you relationship to the next natural phase, offer them more information and get them on your email list!

People visiting your website from Pinterest should be considered a cold audience, show them you are an expert and build trust by sending them to blog posts instead of sales pages.

Capture their email list with a content upgrade or opt-in so they convert to clients and customers instead of simply reading your post and the relationship ending there.

Pinterest will increase your visibility and drive traffic to your website, but if the people visiting your website aren’t invited to take the next steps your business isn’t benefiting you.

JUST increasing website traffic isn’t going to make you money in your business.

Grow your list with all that website traffic Pinterest provides once you have it running properly.

5 Days to a Pinterest Account that Makes You Cash

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Jena Proctor1 Comment