Is your Pinterest Profitable? (Steps to make it happen)


The bottom line of your business is profits.

You can have all the passion and love in your business and if you don't have profits, it can't last.

This is not something I like to talk about.

I prefer the uplifting, fluffy, fun stuff.

But sometimes you need to get real.


If you aren't getting website traffic from Pinterest, the answer is no.

But what if you ARE getting website traffic, does that make your Pinterest profitable?
You might be surprised to hear my answer.


For SOME of you, traffic is all you need, the traffic and number of followers you have is enough to snag sponsored posts and making money off affiliate links.

If you have a service or product based business, traffic is not enough.

You need sales.

Here is the flow to making your Pinterest profitable:

Step 1: Gain brand recognition - people have to know you exist. KEY WORDS y'all!

Step 2: Gain visibility - group boards, keeping your account active

Step 3: Get people OFF Pinterest and ON your website - pins that draw them in and make them click through

Step 4: CAPTURE THAT TRAFFIC - We all know it takes more than seeing something ONCE to invest. (Unless it's coffee ;) LOL)

Step 4 is where most people are missing out on making Pinterest profitable.

You need to capture those leads as they travel from Pinterest to your page so you can nurture those relationships.

How many steps have you completed?

Where are you needing help?

Jena Proctor