5 Ways to STOP Leaving Money on the Table in Your Business

My business is my passion, BUT it is also my sole source of income.

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I can't afford to leave money on the table, can you?

When there a gaps or holes in your marketing strategy, you lose potential clients aka money in your business.

Here are my top 5 ways you are doing exactly that!

Ways you are leaving money on the table

1. Not showcasing your freebie in your pin image
2. Not having your freebie on each blog post
3. Not increasing your visibility using TailWind Tribes or group boards
4. Not giving a call to action in your pin descriptions
5. Not repurposing content with new pin images

Pinterest is a powerful business marketing platform, but there are so many ways you can simply do it all WRONG, leaving holes for money to literally LEAK out of your business.

Make the above 5 changes and close those gaps in your marketing plan and STOP leaving money on the table!

Which is FIRST on your to do list?

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Top Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Pinterest
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The number 1 question I get from people who are using Pinterest for their business is: How can I increase my visibility on Pinterest?

With over 175 MILLION users, Pinterest is a great platform to increase your brand visibility and grow your business.

BUT, if you are using Pinterest and no one is seeing your pins, what's the point?!

You are just spinning your wheels and wasting time, which none of us can afford to do with our businesses.

You can pin all the things and STILL not get all this website traffic you hear other people boast about.

It is time to take action and harness the power of Pinterest!

Here are my top tips for increasing your visibility on Pinterest so when  your ideal client is searching for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems - they find YOU!

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My trainings have been called Pinterest for Dummies.

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Friday Five: How Easily to Increase Your Visibility Online

Inspired by Jenna Kutcher's podcast, I am creating my OWN Five Friday!

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Today's Five Friday is ALL about increasing your visibility online.

Here are my TOP 5 Tips for Getting Visible:


You know I had to do it, Pinterest is a QUICKLY growing platform where your content has a limitless shelf life.

Get your lovely content ON there!

2. Guest speaker/blogger/ guest opportunities

Seek out and accept guest expert opportunities, ask biz besties to come into their community and speak.

When you see a post asking for guest experts - JUMP ON IT!

Reaching beyond YOUR community and list will give you SO much visibility!

3. Be consistent

Don't post and ghost.
Email your list (NO MATTER THE SIZE) at least ONCE a week
You have to show up!

4. Give great Value

This was SO SO SO hard for me. Truth story. I thought I was going to "give it all away for free" and no one would want to work with me.

LIES. Build your audience's confidence in you and establish yourself as an expert by GIVING.

People will SEE how much you have to offer and want MORE!

5. Share your Story

Your services and products are amazing, but there are so many choices out there nowadays!

People will REMEMBER you and make a connection with YOU.

Your story matters, no matter what it is - share it with the world.

Which is your favorite tip?

Drop the number in the comments!

Jena Proctor
5 Indicators Your Business Will Be Successful

According to Forbes, 90% of start up's FAIL.

I was so green when I started my business, I didn't even KNOW this statistic existed.

This is one of those facts that linger in the back of my mind, fueling every decision I make in my business.

I will not the in THAT 90%. I CAN'T.

For me, failure is not an option.

If you are the same way, then you want to make sure you are doing these 5 things that separate the 10% that make it from the 90% who DON'T.


1. You manage your time and focus on actions that lead to profits for your business.

Being social is a HUGE part of marketing your business. Talking with and getting to know people is a great business building activity. BUT, when it consumes your day and never leads to a sale, you need to reevaluate how you are spending your time.

For example, being active in Facebook groups is how I built my whole business when I first started, but getting sucked into giving my opinions and chit chatting was HUGE time suck. Be intentional with your time and you will reap the rewards.

Focusing your time on the tasks that help your business make a profit is one of the most important differences between businesses who make it and those who don't.


2. You keep up with your finances and intend to be a profitable business.

If you enter this journey with NO intentions of actually making money, you have an expensive hobby. #Realtalk If you don't in any way depend on the money your business generates, you most likely won't make it.

This is too hard to keep going when times get tough unless you REALLY need and want it.


3. You don't get bogged down in small details and focus on the big picture of what makes your business profitable.

Every social media post matters, but obsessing over each detail and never actually making consistent posts will kill your business. Make a decision on your visual branding and stick with it. Those small details won't make or break your business. The time spent on making those decisions instead of building your business WILL.


4. You are consistently marketing your business and share what you do with others.

Are you posting daily or just when you remember to hop on and mention your business?

Do you only email your list when you are in a launch or are you consistently communicating with them?

Are you pinning daily to grow your brand visibility and website traffic on Pinterest or just when you pin for pleasure?

Like I mentioned before, consistently marketing your business is KEY. Consistency over time leads to success.

5. You charge for your services and know your worth.

This was a big one for me. I wanted to help everyone and it didn't matter if they paid me or not.

YIKES. This was NOT good business practice.

I love to give free value, but I was sending people free resources, teaching them everything they needed to not longer my services, and charging little to nothing.

IF you are really wanting to run a BUSINESS, you have to charge for what you do.

Not only do you have to charge, but you need to charge what you are worth.

I offer HUGE unending opportunities for businesses with the brand visibility and website traffic they get from Pinterest, but I was charging as if I was being told what to do and simply checking them off my list.

When I learned my value and began charging in alignment with everything my clients were receiving as a result of working with me, my business truly became a business.

How do you measure up? Are you rocking it or are there some areas you need to work on?

I know I am working on my consistency at times still!!


I think this one is SUPER important because it has impacted my business SO much.



I think this one is SUPER important because it has impacted my business SO much.

Never stop learning. Most importantly, investing in your business to learn how to grow it.

Go with me here, don't get mad.

I was the freebie queen. I have TONS of freebies and was so lost on where to begin and what to even do.

I took the dive and invested in a group program and that SAME month my business grew.

I was making $400 a month when I started and was CLUELESS.

Investing in real courses and program to help me grow my business

Jena Proctor
What are Pinterest Group Boards + Why You Need Them

Are you running ragged in the social media rat race?

more eyes on your content.png

Keeping up with Facebook groups, posting, engaging?

Are you SEARCHING for an easier way to get MORE eyes on your content?

Getting your content in front of more people means you are extending your visibility beyond however many followers YOU have on your account. A great way to do this is by contributing to group boards.

What is a group board?!

It's part of the magic of Pinterest I always talk about...

People set up boards and allow contributors to add their own content to those boards. It's a community board - you add pins and repin other's relevant content and they reciprocate.

I suggest looking at influencers in your niche and seeing where they pin. 
Ask your biz besties for suggestions on good group boards.
You can also check out the Facebook group Pinterest Group Boards to find group boards.

By adding your pins to these boards, you are growing your circle of influence. All the followers of these boards see your pins, many will repin your pins (like you repin theirs) and then ALL of THEIR followers will see your pin. WHOA!! That's a lot of exposure, right?!

That's the magic of Pinterest!!

Are you fully utilizing Pinterest for your business?

Are you using group boards to help find MORE clients and customers?

Sign up for the free training on Pinterest Group Boards!

In this mini training you will learn:

- WHY group boards are so important to get highly visible on Pinterest, regardless of how many followers YOU have

- HOW to find high-quality group boards to boost your Pinterest algorithm

- HOW to effectively use group boards to increase your visibility QUICKLY

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