How to Use Group Boards to Explode Your Visibility On Pinterest


With this course, you will learn everything you need to know about using group boards on Pinterest:

-How group boards work and WHY you need them to quickly get eyes on your content

-How to find quality group boards to rapidly increase your visibility and jump start your website traffic

- How to save time using TailWind to automate your group board activity


Get access now and watch your impressions (the start of the waterfall of website traffic) increase in a matter of days!


Pinterest Prosperity includes:

Course 1: Pinterest Master: How to Increase your Brand Visibility and Website Traffic with Pinterest
-How to set up your Pinterest Business account properly so that you are using Pinterest to your maximum advantage for your business.

-How to set up your account for maximum visibility so more people can see the brand you've worked so hard to build

-How to set up your account for maximum Pinterest SEO so you ideal client finds YOU when they search Pinterest, rather than you having to try and find them.

Course 2: Creating Pin-worthy Images
-How to easily create branded images that consistently showcase your content and have you standing out on Pinterest

-Understand branding for Pinterest so you can show your business's unique flavor and pull in your ideal audience to grow your list with ease.

Course 3:  Pin to Win: How to Use Group Boards to Explode Your Visibility On Pinterest
-When, where, and WHAT to pin to keep your account active and ranked high in Pinterest's algorithm (which is not as complicated as Facebook btw)

-How to find and use group boards to grow your reach organically, so you don't have to spend money on ads just to make money in your business.

Course 4: Automate Pinterest Using TailWind
-How to use and set up TailWind so your account is always active and sending traffic to your website for FREE while you sleep - hello automation baby!

-My top strategies for using Tailwind to schedule your content in a way that gets you optimal engagement and brand visibility without having to post daily on the platform. 

BONUS MODULE: Discover Your Ideal Client

Check out what others have to say:


"I took Jena's course, Pinterest Prosperity without having any prior knowledge of Pinterest, and she opened my eyes to a whole new world. I was able to set up my account for business and learned the ins and outs of creating eye-catching graphics. Her videos are clear and to the point and she was extremely responsive with the questions I had. Not only is Jena amazing at what she does, she has the sweetest personality and is super helpful! If you are looking to grow your business through Pinterest, I highly recommend Jena and her courses."

- Camey



"In a matter of days, my impressions and daily views have sky rocketed! She is clear in her teachings on what needed to be done."

- Sandra




"I took Jena's Pinterest course and.... Oh. My. Goodness! A complete game changer. It was so easy to follow and made a huge difference in how I set up my profile. Honestly, I was lost when it came to Pinterest for my business. But Jena broke everything down with simple steps that already has made a big difference in my analytics. I went from 300 monthly viewers to almost 5,000 viewers just by implementing Jena's strategies in less than 2 month. I highly recommend any of Jena's courses. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to answer any questions I have. Not to mention, a fabulous person to work with. Thank you Jena!"

- Shannon