Your beautiful, dream business is finally starting to take shape. Your website is up, the content is flowing, and you're active on Social Media. There is a shift coming, you feel it, but you can't for a SECOND breathe a sigh of relief.

This dream business, created for freedom, feels nothing like freedom at all. You're tied to an anchor, holding you in place. Freedom? What's that? 

You are bombarded with new strategies, new algorithms, new things to learn, and an extensive checklist of things to do. Not just any checklist, but an endless one of Social Media tasks you can never get ahead of. It nags and suffocates you. You've created a business, but you're still chasing your dream.

The clients you work so closely with love you, they are finally learning to love their life. You? Not so much. The point of this was because you were passionate, and now you're starting to lose that. 

Today, right now, I'm going to help you grab that passion and teach you how to not only expand your business but set you free from the anchor it has become. 

You're good at caring for your people. I want you to do that. You're good at creating content for your people. I want you to do that. 

Now what do I do with all these posts and blogs?

Where else can I put them?

How can I get new people to see my content?

Do I need to be on all Social Media channels?

Should I be on Snapchat, too?

This former school teacher, "Hi, right here!" - turned Pinterest master will help you reach a wide audience so the right people will fall in love with your content, get to your website, and BUY! Without spending hours a day on that freebie checklist you downloaded. Hellllo freedom!

And my favorite secret?

Taking your old content and giving it new life! On regular Social Media, all those people pile up. Your content gets buried in cat videos and baby pictures in a matter of minutes! That will never happen on my platform.

So how does this work? Collaborating with you, we will:

Drive traffic to your site so people know you, a key element in the selling process. 

Generate buzz around your content so more of the right people are talking about YOUR business. You will begin to experience the beauty of word of mouth marketing! 

Repurpose the content you have so that the person who needs to hear your message doesn't miss that ONE post that speaks to them because it got buried on Facebook, and they weren't even following you back then. 

This starts with having the right teacher, on the right social media platform, Pinterest!

You are thinking of all your content just sitting there, waiting to be seen. Imagine all the people you will reach with my help. You are so dedicated to your clients and your business. You are ambitious and ready to take your business to the next level - WITHOUT losing your mind. You are READY, so let's get started!