Isn’t it time

for warm, qualified leads landing in your inbox daily without having to gamble all your money on Facebook ads?

You’re ready for more email subscribers who are eager to work with you and you dream of massive impact.

But the reality is that right now, you’re stuck posting in Facebook groups and running the exhausting social media race just to stay “visible”.

But can you just imagine…

  • Waking up to new client leads daily - Using the content you have already created  to reach a new audience while ending the constant content creation cycle

  • Finally being able to step away from the laptop  ANYTIME you want to unplug -without that nagging fear of missing potential clients for your business

You’ve been creating all the content, posting in ALL the Facebook groups, maybe you’ve even even thrown some money at Facebook ads … but you’re missing your kid’s soccer goals, dance recitals, and you’re constantly distracted by your phone (ALL the time). You’re left feeling guilty and some nights you lie awake wondering if it’s even worth it.

I know because I’ve been there.

The decks really are stacked against you...

Most social media platforms have shifted to the “pay to play” model where ads are king, and without them your content is barely distributed to YOUR followers. We’re stuck pulling our hair out wondering if our posts are even making any difference at all. Yet we still spend hours planning and posting… just hoping for a breakthrough.

You’re trying to get around this model, but You are spending so much time on social media that you’ve developed a codependency with your phone. You are missing family time,  and your kids are growing up thinking your phone is permanently glued to your hands.

 I know you’ve tried to overcome this in the past ...

  • You’ve bought courses. You’ve got lost in the hundreds of others in the experts Facebook community where support was almost non-existent. You learned a little about all the platforms, but couldn’t gather enough to make it work for YOUR business. (Pinterest probably isn’t the only thing they have tried - may of them may not have tried pinterest AT ALL - when you say below “you’ve tried it all” what does that ALL look like? Add more than just Pinterest, in my opinion).

  • You’ve paid for someone to manage Pinterest your account and it was a waste of money, you got no return from that investment at all. You concluded they didn’t have a clue and you could have DIY’ed it after watching a few YouTube videos and gotten the same results. (If they are joining a ‘lost cost’ membership - have they really paid someone to manage pinterest for them? My guess is most of them have been fiddling with it themselves - like me - and have seen next to zero results.)

  • You’ve invested in experts who let you down and didn’t deliver the big results they claimed they could get your business with their secret sauce and signature program.

Trust me, after leaping from teaching into the online business world as a virtual assistant and growing my business specializing in Pinterest these last two years, I’ve been there and tried it all too. I understand your frustration and pain.

But did you know there actually is a way you can get more sales and massively grow your following without paid advertising?

  • Without posting in Facebook groups every day, just hoping someone sees your content and reaches out...

  • Without dumping everything you make into Facebook ads and racking up more and more credit card debt…

  • Without having your phone glued to your hand 24/7, missing precious moments with your family and neglecting yourself to keep your business running…

I completely get it. That’s why I’ve created my private membership, The PinProfit System!

Packed with 2+ years of my experience working with hundreds of clients and student’s using my strategies successfully, The PintProfit System will allow you to finally have a list of potential clients who are eager to work with you, without investing in ads or spending all day posting on social media.

You will learn:

  • How to create a lead generation machine using Pinterest, so you can be a more present mom and wife

  • How to leverage Pinterest’s best features to help you increase your income and decrease your time spent online

  • How to stealthily direct YOUR content right to your client’s feed, landing more eyes on your website and more leads in your inbox

  • How to QUICKLY grow your email list with dream potential clients so that you can make MORE of an impact

 This is NOT another course.

The PinProfit Membership provides high level, live support to help you apply tested and proven strategy to YOUR business.

So you can begin turning those impact dreams into reality.

 With the support you receive in Pinterest Membership you will:

  • Tap a new market filled with your ideal clients

  • Have more clients while spending less time online

  • Finally make the impact you long to make with your coaching business

With The PinProfit Membership you’ll have:

  • Video lessons

  • Worksheets for a quick guide

  • Monthly masterclasses

  • 1:1 support with me

 Module 1: Pre Pinterest Checklist: Things to do to get your business ready for Pinterest

  • Clear out the dust and tumbleweeds from your website so it’s ready to convert HOT new leads from Pinterest

  • Learn how to repurpose your existing content and put it to work generating leads for you 24/7 instead of posting it once and letting it die on social media

  • Learn how to establish instant rapport with your new Pinterest leads so you can sell your products and services even faster!

Module 2: Getting started on Pinterest

  • Learn how to craft an account that draws in your dream clients so you are no longer chasing them down all day, every day

  • Learn my exact steps for turning your Pinterest account into a traffic driving, lead generating machine for your business

  • Learn how to QUICKLY increase your visibility on autopilot to jumpstart your Pinterest success

Module 3: Maintaining Your Pinterest Account for Growth

  • Learn how to make YOUR content on Pinterest stand out in a sea of sameness, so you can attract more traffic and leads

  • Learn how to attract and connect with YOUR ideal clients on Pinterest using my secret Pin description formula

  • Learn how to create a powerful, traffic-generating system that works for you while you sleep

Module 4: Pinterest Analytics

  • Learn what analytics matter and that are just vanity metrics so you can accurately monitor your Pinterest success so that you aren’t wasting time mindlessly creating content

  • Learn this one strategy that most people skip to leverage the blog posts and podcasts you’ve already created

Module 5: Pinterest Ads (Coming June 24th)


Bonus #1: When you join Pinterest Membership you get a bonus 30 minute 1:1 onboarding call with me (valued at $147) for free.
During this 1:1 call we will transform your current marketing plan (so you can …)

Bonus #2: Pinterest Audit

I will also perform an audit of your website and Pinterest account if you have those already so I can guide you in setting you on the path in the course material to….

Bonus #3: 4 Steps to Quality Leads from Pinterest

You will also get access to my 4 parts video training series, 4 Steps to Quality Leads From Pinterest

During this 4-step live training you will:

-Learn what 3 key pieces that must be implemented in your Pinterest strategy to increase your quality leads, drive more traffic to your website and sign more clients.

-Finally understand what makes Pinterest different from the other platforms you are using (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) and how to use this powerful search engine to expand your reach online.

-Learn why focusing on followers isn’t actually helping your business and where your energy should be going instead.

Bonus #4 Streamline your Pinterest By Identifying Your Ideal Client

In this bonus module you will learn how to get super clear on your ideal clients and how to use this information to craft your high converting Pinterest account.