You have a dream.

A business that allows you to enjoy the little moments in life.

The silly giggles of your babies playing, packing the bags to take the vacation you always dreamed of, or just reading a good book with a cup of coffee.

In reality, you look down to check the time, you’ve been at your laptop for three hours now.

Sighing, you think that this was not the way you wanted to escape the 9-5, still strapped to a desk.


You are struggling:


- Your social media to do list is unending. You are posting, promoting, connecting, seeking people out - every day.

- You are writing blog posts, but aren’t sure anyone is even reading them.

-You don’t know HOW to get eyes on all this content you’ve taken so much time to create.

- If people are reading your blog posts, you have nothing to show for it.

- Little or no clients or sales.


The struggle is real and you are wearing thin.


I know the feeling, this was me when I first started my online business.

I posted in Facebook groups with my baby in my lap napping. I answered questions with tips and tricks to make connections and show I knew what I was talking about while making lunches. I searched in Facebook group for people to help in hopes of gaining clients.

It was exhausting.

I was tired of searching, tired of the rat race.


As a virtual assistant I was in a fierce competition, there would be dozens of responses to a post in a group where someone was seeking help.

I was feeling spammy commenting after SO many people already commented and messaging potential clients, hoping to stand out enough to get the gig.

If I took time away from the Facebook groups, I was missing opportunities to get more clients, opportunities I couldn’t afford to miss. So I was strapped to my laptop, chasing leads.

I was just getting started, after quitting my teaching career and going out on my own on faith alone. Running ads were not in our budget whatsoever. Any extra we had I was using to LEARN and GROW my business, not advertise.

I ended up stressed and close to burning out before I ever really got started.

I sat up at night thinking that there had to be a better way, this can’t be the only way people run their businesses online.

That's when I fell in love with Pinterest.


I saw the potential Pinterest had for EVERYONE when I was managing a blogger’s account.

I saw the need for female entrepreneurs to gain that website traffic for their business and that’s how my business was born.

As a result I created my signature program, Pinterest for Profits, as a way to help female entrepreneurs break free from the social media rat race, increase her visibility and build her business with ease.

Pinterest for Profits is about more than just Pinterest.

It’s about what you do to capture all that traffic and how to turn it into profits for your business.

It’s about escaping the social media rat race where your posts get buried under political posts and family photos in a matter of minutes.

It’s about preserving the content you pour your heart and soul into for YEARS to come - and that very content sending you clients and customers for YEARS.


There is so much information out there, but what you need is a simple straightforward training.

Someone to break things down into actionable steps you can ACTUALLY tackle.

You need someone to SHOW you. Screen share lessons so you don’t click the wrong thing and screw up all your work.


Are you ready to discover who your ideal client is so you can meet their needs?

Are you ready to grow your business with ease by discovering EXACTLY who your ideal client is and start to build your tribe with those willing to invest?

Are you ready to grow your list with warm leads and turn them into paying clients without scary Facebook ads or crazy ad investment (all organic baby)?

You know there is a better way.

You know your tribe is searching for you.

welcome (1).jpg

A 9 week program for the female entrepreneur ready to expand brand visibility, increase her leads and book out her programs through the power of Pinterest.


Week 1: Change Your Mindset About Pinterest

  • Understand that Pinterest is different from other social media platforms

  • Understand how to leverage these differences to tweak your content to perform better on this unique platform

  • Understand that Pinterest is not about you, it's about your ideal client

Week 2: Streamlining your Pinterest by Identifying your Ideal Client and How it Impacts Your Branding and Content

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who your ideal client REALLY is so that you can speak directly to them with everything you create using clear messaging in your content, blog posts, pin images, boards and so much more.

  •  Create a Pinterest account built around your ideal client's interests so they find themselves going to YOUR account to find the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems, therefore making you a go to expert in your industry


Week 3: Setting the Pinterest Foundation for Your Growing Business

  • Lay the foundation for your Pinterest for Business account to grow your visibility and website traffic for years to come

  • Create a fully optimized Pinterest account that increases your visibility and drives organic traffic to your website for YEARS to come

  • Build a base keyword list to add to your pin descriptions to improve SEO so that your ideal client find YOU when they search on Pinterest

  • Learn how to create pin images that convert to website traffic


Week 4: IMPLEMENTATION - Bonus workshop Q&A

  • Use this week to get your Pinterest account created, optimized, and curated to draw in your ideal client


Week 5: Content and Blogging for Pinterest

  • Learn how to create content that converts and gets you more paying clients

  • Learn how to repurpose content to save you even more time and continue to grow your business

  • Come up with titles and descriptions that are irresistible to your ideal client


Week 6: Content Upgrades to Passively Grow Your List

  • How to create a killer opt in to grow your email list and get more clients ready to work with you

  • Best practices for content upgrades

  • Examples of content upgrades

  • Creating your content upgrades

  • Repurposing content to grow your list



  • Use this week to create a few pieces of content, create that killer opt in and get everything flowing to grow your list and start nurturing those new leads!


Week 8: Back end of Growing and Nurturing Your New Leads

  • A funnel to nurture and grow your new leads with the website traffic you are getting from Pinterest

  • Setting up your the techy of the content upgrades

  • Welcome email

  • Simple 3 piece funnel to warm your audience


Week 9: Increase Visibility on Pinterest and Expand Your Reach

  • How to find quality group boards to rapidly increase your visibility and jump start your website traffic

  •  An understanding of how to use Tailwind to stay consistent and automate Pinterest so that you can escape the social media rat race

  • An understanding how to run Pinterest ads to further grow your visibility and website traffic



bridget testimonial.PNG

A client of mine, Rachel, was using Pinterest for her business when we met. She was putting out boat loads of amazing content. I am talking about several podcasts AND blog posts a WEEK. A Pinterest DREAM!  

Only it wasn’t doing ANYTHING for her business.

WHAT?! All that content and Pinterest was only responsible for 4% of her website traffic.

There was a HUGE problem here! Rachel KNEW her tribe was on Pinterest and wanted to reach them, yet she was getting NOwhere on her own.

After a consultation call and reviewing her account, I quickly found the source of the problem: she was severely lacking in SEO for her Pinterest account.

This meant that as a search engine Pinterest had nothing to pull her pins or account when people were searching for content like her!

All her wonderful content had been just SITTING there!! It was heartbreaking!

Rachel and I chatted about her options, either DIY with my course or allow me to optimize it for her. She decided to let me go ahead and knock it out and with in a week her website traffic from Pinterest soared from 4% to ALMOST 50%!

We took an account that was full of amazing content that no one was seeing and grew it to a huge source of website traffic in a week! Rachel is now able to reach MORE people to serve in her business! This the reason so many women NEED Pinterest!

rachel website before.png
rachel website after.png


PLUS these AMAZING Bonuses!

  • Private FB Group (Priceless)

    • Have access to me to answer any questions between sessions

    • Have a community of like minded women to go through this program with

  • Pinterest Foundations Program + Bonus Call ($297)

    • Four modules with a workbook and videos to ensure you build a strong foundation for your Pinterest for business account

    • Step by step instructions showing you everything you need to have in place to use this search engine to market your business, for free

  • Tailwind Training ($197)

    • Video training that shows you how to set up and use TailWind to stay consistent and automate Pinterest so that you can escape the social media rat race and spend less time online and more time in your creative zone of genius

  • Ideal Client 3-Part video series from Michelle Knight ($197)

    • Truly discover who you want to attract to your brand and business (i.e. your ideal client) so you become clear on how to connect with them on a much deeper level than someone else in your industry.

    • Pinpoint their limitations, struggles and what they desire most in order to develop messaging that has them responding with, "It's like you're in my head!"

    • Map out your complete client profile, so you can begin to set yourself up for messaging that converts in the online space


ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE -60 Minute 1:1 consultation

Bonus Workshop Q&A to ensure your Pinterest account is fully optimized and ready to increase your visibility and website traffic

LIVE Ideal Client and Branding session with my Business and Branding Coach, Michelle Knight of Brandmerry


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  1. When does the program start?
    -Pinterest for Profits starts Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

  2. When will the calls be?
    -The Zoom calls will be the Monday before the next week's module
    - For example, Week 2 begins Tuesday, March 27th, so the call for week 1 will be Monday, March 26th.

  3. Is this a live program?
    -This is a LIVE group program, we will have weekly Zoom calls weekly throughout the program with the exception of the implementation weeks built in for you to complete tasks before moving on to the next modules.

  4. What will my support look like?
    - You will have access to me during the weekly calls for additional training and a Q&A session.
    - You will also have access to me for questions between sessions in the private Facebook group.

  5. Will I have access forever?
    -Yes, you will even be able to download the materials to use offline

  6. What if I'm really busy right now?
    -You will be able to work through the course at your own pace, just remember that the LIVE calls will not be recorded, but you won't have access to the live support after the program ends.


Jena, a former educator turned Pinterest Strategist, helps female entrepreneurs gain confidence in using Pinterest to increase their brand visibility and drive traffic to their website for free while spending less time online. She and her husband raise their daughters on the beach and riverbanks of Georgia and love to travel.