You are bombarded with new strategies, new algorithms, new things to learn, and an extensive checklist of things to do.

Not just any checklist, but an endless one of Social Media tasks you can never get ahead of. It nags and suffocates you. You've created a business, but you're still chasing your dream.

I'm going to teach you how to not only expand your business but set you free from the social media rat race.

You want to increase website traffic, WITHOUT costly ads.

You want to increase your visibility online.

You want to re purpose the content you poured your heart and soul into already.

But how?

Pinterest Foundations, a step by step program to create a Pinterest account that increases your visibility using FREE online traffic.


Pinterest Foundations is for you if:

- You are tired of spinning your wheels wondering what works on all the social media platforms
- You are ready for free website traffic and free leads, without spending hours posting in Facebook groups
- You are ready to learn how to create a Pinterest account that gets you results so you can reach more people in less time.

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Pinterest Foundations includes:

Module 1: How to Set up your account for success

  • How to set up your Pinterest Business account properly so that you are using Pinterest to your maximum advantage for your business.

  • How to set up your account for maximum visibility so more people can see the brand you've worked so hard to build

  • How to set up your account for maximum Pinterest SEO so you ideal client finds YOU when they search Pinterest, rather than you having to try and find them.

Module 2: Creating Pin-worthy Images

  • How to easily create branded images that consistently showcase your content and have you standing out on Pinterest

  • Understand branding for Pinterest so you can show your business's unique flavor and pull in your ideal audience to grow your list with ease.

Module 3:  Pin to Win

  • When, where, and WHAT to pin to keep your account active and ranked high in Pinterest's algorithm (which is not as complicated as Facebook btw)

  • How to find and use group boards to grow your reach organically, so you don't have to spend money on ads just to make money in your business.

Module 4: Automate Pinterest Using TailWind

  • How to use and set up TailWind so your account is always active and sending traffic to your website for FREE while you sleep - hello automation baby!

  • My top strategies for using Tailwind to schedule your content in a way that gets you optimal engagement and brand visibility without having to post daily on the platform.

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At the end of this course you will:

- Have a fully optimized Pinterest profile that draws in your ideal audience

- Have keywords to ensure Pinterest is pulling YOUR pins in searches and to their Smartfeed

- Be able to easily create your own Pin images that grab your ideal audience's attention

- Know how to find active, thriving group boards to sky rocket your visibility and website traffic

- Know how to monitor the analytics to make sure those group boards are serving you

- Have TailWind set up to automate Pinterest for your business

- See an immediate increase in your visibility on Pinterest


My passion is helping others. My speciality is Pinterest. 

I am here to tell you that there is more to life than playing it safe and being unhappy.  But you know that already. You've taken the leap - maybe you played it safe and built your business late at night, after your regular job and getting the kids to bed.  You know the feeling - when you are finally FREE! Doing what you LOVE!  Until you don't feel free anymore...

Sure, you have flexibility, but your to-do list is ever growing. You are growing, but losing your passion in the Social Media rat race. 

Today is the day you are going to stop spinning your wheels with platforms where your amazing content gets buried under family vacation videos and blooper video moments after you post it. STOP sending your meaningful work off to DIE - position it on a platform where it is evergreen and never lost over time. 

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