Purposeful Pinterest


For the online entrepreneur who needs real life help with Pinterest, not guru cheat sheets and webinars


REAL support.

REAL encouragement.

REAL strategy.

For YOUR business, not cookie cutter concepts.


A monthly membership style program that allows you the freedom to get support when you need it.


I absolutely LOVED working with Jena! She took the confusion out of Pinterest and made it easy for me to understand exactly what to do next to begin growing my website traffic on automate. It was AMAZING. I can’t wait to see how my impressions, clicks, and saves go up, up, up!!! If you’re thinking about working with Jena, just do it already! She will help you get those leads rolling right through your door.
-Sandra Houseman


Week 1: Understanding Pinterest SEO
Week 2: Time Saving Tips for Pinterest
Week 3: How to convert website traffic to subscribers
Week 4: Q&A Session


Week 1: How to Explode Your Visibility Using Tribes
Week 2: How to monetize a viral pin
Week 3: How to Build Your Keyword Library QUICK
Week 4: Q&A Session

Week 1: Creating an account that draws in your ideal client
Week 2: What analytics matter on Pinterest?
Week 3: Creating Images that Convert
Week 4: Open Q&A Session


For each session I will teach for about 30 minutes and then have 15 minutes for questions and implementation.


Jena provides a clear plan of attack to get results and is right there to help with any questions or bumps you have along the way. As a Marketing Consultant, I manage 3-6 Pinterest accounts at a time, and with the information Jena provided I was able to make changes and use my time wisely seeing results for all accounts right away (even in very different industries, and with different audiences). Best part is, the success continues to build the longer I implement what I learned.
-Carilyn Cannon


This is for you if:
- You are familiar with Pinterest and want to learn more
- You have an online business and want to create a lead generation system
- You provide Pinterest services and are looking for professional development to sharpen your skills
- You are committed to growing and serving people with your business
- You care about your customer journey and developing a real relationship
- You want support while you implement what you learned

This is NOT for you if:
- You don’t conduct business online in any way
- You struggle with all things tech for your biz
- You “don’t have time” to invest in growing your business
- You aren’t interested in attracting your ideal clients authentically
- You aren’t ready to put the strategy in ACTION

Q: Is this a subscription membership?
A: You can subscribe for 3 months and save $41 with one payment of $250 or pay by the month as needed for $97.

Q: When will the calls take place?
A: Since I serve a global audience, once the cart closes we will see where everyone is from and schedule a time when everyone is awake ;)
The first call will be the second week of April.

Q: Where will the calls take place?
A: I will do the calls on Zoom, we will be jumping right in so come ready to rock and roll!

Q: Will the calls be recorded?
A: Yes, I will upload the calls to a shared Google folder you will have access to for the duration of your membership

Q: Will I get any workbooks or PDFs?
A: Nope, this is all live support.

Q: How will the Q&A session work?
A: Members will submit questions in advance so I can be prepared to answer them on the last call.