So you wanna be the mainstay of your client’s business?

Are you ready to stop trading hours for dollars as a virtual assistant? Because, right now, you’re literally just punching a time clock - you’re just doing it at your house.

I’m Jena Liat and I want to PERSONALLY work with you to create a high-quality virtual assistant business that helps you recapture your time and actually contribute to your household in a meaningful way. (Instead of just bringing in the bare minimum each month.)

Stop and read this before going any further …


I found Jena's program to be a comprehensive, high touch, and easy to navigate. As a coach and mentor, she makes herself extremely available with monthly private coaching calls and unlimited messaging. Jena provided me with customized guidance and answered all of my questions, leaving me feeling completely supported and ready to serve my clients fully.

Because of Jena's Pinterest VA program, I have up-leveled my Pinterest services from basic management tasks to that of a high-level Strategist — helping my clients' businesses grow and thrive instead of merely saving them time. This shift has allowed the time, location, and financial freedom I've always wanted.

Jena's Pinterest VA program has been a complete game-changer for me! I recommend it 100% for any VA who wants to transition fully into Pinterest services, or who desires to add high-quality Pinterest management as an additional service for their clients. -Mia Miller

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Just imagine…

  • Getting paid every month, like a paycheck

  • Clients can’t stop telling their friends about how amazing you are

  • Being the Big Freakin’ Deal in the eyes of your client that you’ve always known you’re capable of being

  • Feeling ZERO guilt or shame about loving the crap out of your business

  • Actually being able to step away from your business to go to your kids’ soccer game or on a date with your husband

Oh, and you can afford to send yourself to the REAL spa every month (not just a pedicure you feel guilty about) because what you do provides tremendous value to your clients and they happily pay your rates!!

Look, we know that being a successful virtual assistant is all about delivering results and managing client expectations - and you’re good at that part!!

But, up until this point, you’ve had trouble juggling it all.

Take a deep breath, because I have a system that’s going to rock your world.

Right now, you’re taking any client, doing any task, so you can meet your income goals - and all it’s doing is keeping you away from your family
You’ve expanded your scope of services so much that you’re starting to look like the menu at The Cheesecake Factory….

Oh, and - let’s see - your husband changed jobs again, your kids got sick, and - well - summer’s over now, so it may as well be Christmas already.

Life happens, sister.


And you’re letting it happen all over your business.

I’m not going to lie:

Building a business with babies is NOT easy.

Think about it: how many rockstar VAs with kids do you know?

But here’s the deal:

You can’t be an expert in everything; you’ve got to make the leap in claiming your expertise niche

Hourly rates and freedom can’t coexist within the same business; you know that keeping up that time log is a pain in the butt

Not every person who has the ability to pay you is worth taking on as a client; just because someone thinks they need your help doesn’t mean you need their money

Ready to build the right VA business?

I’m here for you, mama.


Introducing: The PINternship

A program for virtual assistants who want to build a premium VA business that allows them to break the motherhood business barrier while recapturing their time and generating reliable income.

The PINternship is a Virtual Assistant Group Mentorship with access to me as your coach to help you transform your VA business into the efficient, client-pleasing machine I know it can be.

This is NOT a course.

The PINternship is a group mentoring program designed specifically for VAs who want to recapture their time and create a steady, reliable income.

As a member of The PINternship, you will learn:

  • How to be a lead generation secret weapon for your clients so they never want to lose you and your services

  • How to leverage Pinterest to drive a ton of traffic to your clients and work smart like Einstein

  • How to market your VA service to premium clients and stop messing with people who don’t appreciate your genius


Unlike a course that teaches you how to incorporate Pinterest into your VA business - and then leaves you in the lurch when you need personalized help - The PINternship holds your hand while you create this unique service offering for your clients.

In other words: instead of just dumping a formula into your lap, I will personally teach you the skills you need and provide on-going support to help you provide the most high-quality service for your clients.

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When you work with me in The PINternship, you get direct access to me as your coach for:


Motivational Support - Chances are, there are really valuable services you’re capable of providing; I’ll be your best cheerleader and encourage you to charge appropriate rates for your talent


Strategic Guidance - Courses can’t identify where you need the most help; shoot me a message or hop on a call with me, and I’ll make it clear what gaps in your knowledge or training you need to fill in


Top-Notch Skillset Mentoring - Building your VA business with a Pinterest component starts with acquiring only the right clients; I will guide you through setting yourself up to become a referral and happy client testimonial magnet


Yes - you read that right - I will personally coach you.

Your spot in The PINternship will dramatically increase your ability to charge premium rates for your highly-valuable skill set, help you become the indispensable, secret weapon for your clients by creating real impact in their businesses, and increase your own business volume without spending more time chained to your computer.


Here’s what you’re going to get inside The PINternship:

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Coaching with me

PINternship Coaching Sessions - Schedule your monthly 1:1 session with me for direction and feedback so you can grow your VA business faster.
PINternship Help Desk - Get coaching-by-messenger directly from me during office hours for technical or strategic questions.
Live Co-Working Tech Sessions - Hop on our regularly scheduled group call and let me walk you through any technical, platform-related questions you have.
Real Quick Sessions - Based on availability, you can grab a 15-minute spot on my calendar to get quick tech help from me

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Community Feedback Forum - Meet other VAs and get support and feedback in our members-only Facebook group

The PINternship Course Vault - Get my templates, tutorials, and swipe files to walk you through creating everything you need in your business


Total Value: $995

RIGHT NOW, get everything here, every month for just $97


Limited Time Bonus:

Proctor, Jena 10-2-17 071.JPG

Join in September and get VIP access to an additional training from a guest expert, my friend Lauren Millings. Lauren build her own Pinterest VA business exclusively on Upwork and will teach you how to have clients lined up waiting for you and how to avoid common issues (like spammers!)


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“I started off not knowing where to begin. Being a Pinterest VA can be overwhelming. Even though I had prior experience I needed an expert to guide me so that I could feel sure.
Jena's course is amazing, but its her 1 on 1 support that I love the most! She is there for me and that's what means the most. I don’t call this a membership, its a mentorship. I have my first paying client in just one month and I'm completely new!
To top it off, my client sees me as an expert in this field and she is already thanking me for my service! I've learnt from Jena how to be there for my client as she is for me. I know that I'm really helping people and that matters most.”

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Monthly Payment // $97


  • Video Trainings

  • Worksheets & Guides

  • Latest Pinterest Updates

  • 1:1 Support with Me, Jena

So, maybe you’re wondering…


Why me? In the sea of courses and membership out there, why should you enroll in The PINternship?

Unlike most digital marketers, I am a classically trained educator. Why does this matter?

While others are throwing content at you left and right, I know how to structure learning for success.

I have also been solely focused on Pinterest marketing for 2 years, meaning I really do know how to make Pinterest work beyond theory. I do this work for clients day in and day out. I am constantly learning and updating my Pinterest knowledge and skills.  Now I am here to help you create the same results I get for my full service clients for YOUR clients with The PINternship.


What MY Clients Have to Say….


“Oh. My. Goodness! Jena has been a complete game changer.”

“I went from 300 monthly viewers to almost 5,000 viewers just by implementing Jena's strategies in less than 2 month. I highly recommend any of Jena's courses. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to answer any questions I have. Not to mention, a fabulous person to work with. Thank you Jena! ”

Wendy Erickson-Vitzthum

This shows the increase in website traffic for the dates above!

This shows the increase in website traffic for the dates above!


In my experience as a public school teacher of 6 years, I learned a systematic way of teaching complex concepts in a way that actually helps my students retain and use the information.

As a wife and a mom of 2 girls, I am beyond patient and understanding. There are no stupid questions; as a member of The PINternship, you never have to worry about coming to me with a question or concern when it comes to your business. I am your coach, I am here to help make your VA business a big ol’ success.


What all is included in the membership?

With The PINterenship you get:

-A vault training materials in Teachable with screen shared training videos and workbooks for your reference (Value: $497)
-1 thirty minute 1:1 call with me each month where we dive into your individual needs and questions about client’s accounts (Value: $247)
-Updates on the latest changes in Pinterest so you can stay on top of Pinterest marketing (Value: Priceless)
-Slack messaging support and live office hours (Value: Priceless)

Still on the fence?

I want people to have their whole heart in their services - that’s how you get really good service providers, right?

So, if you get in to The PINternship and realize you’re not going to love providing Pinterest services for your clients, there’s no reason for me to make you stay! Because of this, I’ve structured membership in The PINternship to be incredibly low risk.

There are no long-term commitments and the monthly rate for The PINternship is a low $97/mo for top-notch strategic coaching that gets results and helps you grow your VA business fast.

No contracts, cancel at any time.