The following are just a few of the wonderful things clients have said about Jena Liat.


Carilyn Cannon

Jena provides a clear plan of attack to get results and is right there to help with any questions or bumps you have along the way. As a Marketing Consultant, I manage 3-6 Pinterest accounts at a time, and with the information Jena provided I was able to make changes and use my time wisely seeing results for all accounts right away (even in very different industries, and with different audiences). Best part is, the success continues to build the longer I implement what I learned.


Wendy Erickson-Vitzthum

I took Jena's Pinterest course for Small Shops and.... Oh. My. Goodness! A complete game changer. It was so easy to follow and made a huge difference in how I set up my profile. Honestly, I was lost when it came to Pinterest for my business. But Jena broke everything down with simple steps that already has made a big difference in my analytics. I went from 300 monthly viewers to almost 5,000 viewers just by implementing Jena's strategies in less than 2 month. I highly recommend any of Jena's courses. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to answer any questions I have. Not to mention, a fabulous person to work with. Thank you Jena!



Sandra Houseman

I absolutely LOVED working with Jena! She took the confusion out of Pinterest and made it easy for me to understand exactly what to do next to begin growing my website traffic on automate. It was AMAZING. I can’t wait to see how my impressions, clicks, and saves go up, up, up!!! If you’re thinking about working with Jena, just do it already! She will help you get those leads rolling right through your door.

michelle testimonial.jpg

Michelle - Brandmerry

"Jena did a complete overhaul on my Pinterest account and has been managing it ever since. In the months after she took over my account analytics have been off the charts!
My account has over 29,000 average monthly views (an increase of 900%), 873 monthly engaged viewers (an increase of 580%), and 15 saves on an average day (an increase of 91%).
My website activity has increased as well. I get an average of 140 daily impressions, an increase of over 1,000% from before Jena took over my account. In addition, I get an average of 84 daily viewers to my website, which is an increase of over 30,000%!"


Sandra - Sandi Griffith Virtual Assistant

Jena has delivered above and beyond my expectations. In a matter of days, my Pinterest impressions and daily views have sky rocketed! She was always clear in her teachings on what needed to be done. And my favorite part of her…. The willingness to go the extra mile. She would consistently checkup and answer any questions that I had.


Shelby - Fit As A Mama Bear

Having never had a private Pinterest account I was definitely out of my element when I launched my blog. Before consulting with Jena privately, I followed along with her group and implemented many of the tips she gave out. It was awesome to watch my Pinterest numbers slowly begin to climb!

Eventually, I needed a bit more help and reached out to speak with Jena privately. During our consultation she reviewed my account, answered my questions, provided me with an extremely detailed "how to" and set me up on a game plan to accomplish before our next call.

Not only are her tips effective, realistic and helpful but Jena is extremely approachable and always open to questions. She always lends a helping hand when someone is confused in the group and countless times she helped me with minor questions posted. I'm truly thankful to have her to consult with and can't wait to watch my account grow further!