What are Pinterest Group Boards + Why You Need Them

Are you running ragged in the social media rat race?

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Keeping up with Facebook groups, posting, engaging?

Are you SEARCHING for an easier way to get MORE eyes on your content?

Getting your content in front of more people means you are extending your visibility beyond however many followers YOU have on your account. A great way to do this is by contributing to group boards.

What is a group board?!

It's part of the magic of Pinterest I always talk about...

People set up boards and allow contributors to add their own content to those boards. It's a community board - you add pins and repin other's relevant content and they reciprocate.

I suggest looking at influencers in your niche and seeing where they pin. 
Ask your biz besties for suggestions on good group boards.
You can also check out the Facebook group Pinterest Group Boards to find group boards.

By adding your pins to these boards, you are growing your circle of influence. All the followers of these boards see your pins, many will repin your pins (like you repin theirs) and then ALL of THEIR followers will see your pin. WHOA!! That's a lot of exposure, right?!

That's the magic of Pinterest!!

Are you fully utilizing Pinterest for your business?

Are you using group boards to help find MORE clients and customers?

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Jena Proctor